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Elegant Eccentric

The Girl Who Would Be Death

28 July
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There isnt really much to say I suppose. I shall soon be studying Fine Art and Art history at the Glasgow School of Art, I am what you would call an artsy weirdo and very damn proud of that fact.

The Dresden Dolls
1800's, absinthe, aghast veiw, alejandro jodorowsky, alfred lord tennyson, alice in wonderland, antique medical instruments, art, art history, art museums, art nouveau, arthur rackham, aubrey beardsley, autumn, bats, bauhaus, beauty marks, bela lugosi, bella morte, body modification, bohemia, brothers grimm, byzantine, cannibal flower, cemeteries, cephalopods, coffee, coffins, corsetry, corsets, costumes, cult films, dagguereotypes, darenzia, dario argento, dark aesthetic, david lynch, death, death from above 1979, death in june, debauchery, deine lakaien, diary of dreams, dolls, ed mironiuk, edvard munch, edwardian fashion, ego plum, enigma, ephemera, ether, faeries, faith and the muse, false eyelashes, fatalism, femme fatale, fetuses, francisco goya, frederic lord leighton, grand guignol, grotesque art, gustav klimt, gustave moreau, hair dye, hans bellmer, herbert draper, in mitra medusa inri, jack the ripper, jacques louis david, jan svankmajer, joel peter witkin, john everett millais, joy division, killing joke, klaus nomi, klimt 1918, la fee verte, legendary pink dots, london after midnight, lord dunsany, mannequins, mark ryden, medical curiosities, memento mori, mephisto walz, millinery, mourning, mythology, new orleans, night, nine inch nails, nostalgia, ophelia, opium dens, painting, parlours, period clothing, photography, pirates, platforms, poison bottles, porcelain dolls, potentia animi, pre-raphaelite art, project pitchfork, purple, rasputina, renaissance, ribbon, roman dirge, salome, scream silence, sculpture, self deprecation, serial killers, sewing, sex, silver jewelry, stained glass, stanley kubrik, subway to sally, symbolist art, tanith lee, taxidermy, the 69 eyes, the arcade fire, the birthday massacre, the bravery, the brothers quay, the cruxshadows, the decameron, the dresden dolls, the misfits, the neon judgement, theatres des vampires, theda bara, tim burton, unto ashes, vampires, vampirism, victorian art, victorian mourning clothing, victoriana, vintage erotica, waist cinchers, wolfsheim, zombies